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Využijte také našich skladovacích a manipulačních služeb

Využijte také našich skladovacích a manipulačních služeb

Our services are based on years of experience with product marking, which gives us a large number of satisfied customers. Our own packaging, logistics and warehousing facilities have provided further experience to create a stable backdrop to provide our customers with. We offer a wide range of storage and service options.

New tempered warehouses have an excellent location in the middle of the republic. Located on the edge of Pehřimov, with excellent access to the D1 motorway, 15 km away. Storage space over 400m2 offers storage space for up to 600 pallets. Another 200m2 is designed for convenient handling and handling of products.



  • Palletssklad
  • Boxes
  • Products


  • Reception - pallets, parcels, containers
  • Delivery - pallets, parcels, containers
  • Classification - by batch, date of consumption, etc.
  • Assembly - products, stands, gift boxes
  • Marking - products, packages, pallets
  • Packaging - products, parcels, racks, pallets
  • Distribution - Packaged, pallet


  • Labels - information, identification, graphic (including graphic design)
  • Adhesive tapes - white, transparent, brown, without printing
  • Foil stretch (white, dark),bubblesp,
  • Packaging - cardboard boxes, envelopes, special pockets
  • Cardboards - corrugated cardboard for multi-product packaging or interleaving

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