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Pricelist, cash-desk, multipurpose labels

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cenovky  We offer labels for a large number of label pliers. In different colors and stickiness.
Checkout bins are suitable for printing receipts on all cards. They are made from thermo paper suitable for direct thermal printing, supported mostly by cask. (Coehler 55g material with 7-year record keeping guaranteed).
Continuous paper is suitable for transfer printing cash registers. (thermo transfer, ink, laser, needles.
We also offer a number of paper self-cutting discs designed for needlepoint receipt printers, but also for classic cash registers for printing receipts with a copy.
Self-adhesive labels in small package on paper, 165x130mm / Suitable for hand marking. The advantage is a large number of smaller dimensions for versatile use.
Double-sided self-adhesive labels with a cut-out for better peeling. Execution in sheet, 12 labels per sheet. The package contains 10 sheets. Suitable for sticking photos, boards, etc.
Cardboard labels with reinforced holes for hanging, suitable for identification of material, goods, inventory, etc. Wherever normal labels can not be used.


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