Foam cut with eyelet for easy peeling / 50pcs

Foam cut with eyelet for easy peeling / 50pcs

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Reversible sticky wheels for easy grip.

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Self-adhesive double-sided adhesive points are a great helper for each of us. Castors are of many kinds, they are in many sizes and thicknesses. Bonding with them is easy, they are of high quality and also at an affordable price.

• Rubber glue
• Thickness 1mm
• White foam
• White cover paper
• Strong bonding
• Packaging 50pcs


They are widely used in various industries:

Printing industry • Production of large advertising items
- Floor stands for promotion of goods
- Advertising frames for safety frames
- Large-scale advertising
- gluing billboards
• Stitching of different materials
• Strengthening banner edges
• Bonding of woblers (see shaped sections)
• Sticking stickers
• Orientation systems for both exteriors and interiors

• Bonding of shelf rails for placement of price tags

Attach roles of paper in rotation
• Completing small promotional items
- boxes
- calendars
- menu
- the foil
- posters
- Plates with flaps

• Framing of foam in interiors (anti-noise and anti-vibration materials)
• Bonding of side guards and posts
• Mirroring, rearview mirrors (heated / unheated)
• Cable fixation

• Sticking emblems, inscriptions and spoilers
Consumer industry • Furniture and furnishings
- bonding mirrors
- gluing of decorative strips and emblems
- gluing of shelf rails for placement of price tags
• White electronics
- gluing and assembly of front panels and displays
- fixation of heating elements
• Orientation systems for exteriors and interiors
• Electronics
- foil keyboards
Construction • Installation of solar panels • Production of windows and doors • Production of PVC building profiles


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